Online Roulette
Online Roulette

Roulette is played with a roulette wheel & a ball. The wheel has 37 or 38 slots which are alternatively colored red and black & the numbers are written on it.

21 Blackjack
21 Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the top casino game which is played in online casinos. It is a very interesting game which is played with one or more decks of cards.

Online Poker
Online Poker

Poker has many variants. The online casinos, provide all the variants of the game. You can choose any variant to play in the online casinos.

Promotions for New and Existing Players

Whether you’re an existing player or just beginning to reap some big rewards in gambling, you can always benefit from promotions that casinos employ to entice players. So before you make your next bet, make sure you read this blog to benefit from such promotions that could only result in more gains.

Welcome Bonuses

If you're familiar with gambling, you also know that each casino has its way of luring players. However, one standard method is the no deposit bonus, also known as the Welcome bonus. You can easily use the free spins and credits that are allotted to special slots and games. These allow players to wager for a reasonable sum ($20-50) with absolutely zero risks. As surprising as it sounds, free money is not that common, yet it comes without any hard risk.

Additionally, new players can also benefit from welcome bonuses along with other such promotions mentioned here. In this specific bonus, the casinos match the same amount of initial deposits that a player makes. You’d be surprised to know that sometimes the rate surpasses 100%. So, for every dollar an existing or new player deposits, the casino contributes the same amount.

Existing Player Promotions

If you've chosen a casino, chances are it has chosen you too, and it will try every possible way to keep you. Promotions targeted toward existing gamblers are abundant. Among such promotions, you can easily find the monthly/reload bonus that allows players to claim the prizes offered, such as additional welcome bonuses.

Another promotion that all players are automatically entitled to be a loyalty program. This allows them to collect points as they continue to gamble. Once a player has accumulated enough points, they can trade them for cashback or enter a draw to win prizes. Bonuses of the higher roller can entail extra advantages from the multi-level loyalty program. Players who gamble occasionally and with higher amounts rise the different levels, alongside the topmost tier's best rewards. Luxurious vacations, sports ticks, and cash prizes are won with the help of such promotions.

Players can also refer a friend or relative to avail themselves more bonuses and promotions. When a friend signs up or makes their first bet, the referring player receives a significant amount deposited in their account.

What to Choose?

Regardless, if you're an existing player or a beginner, remember every promotion comes with a betting requirement. For instance, before any withdrawal, you have to bet 30 times the value of the bonus offered to you. Now, this reduces the chances of finishing ahead.

If you continue to gamble, your best chance is to claim a free bonus for something that you enjoy doing. But do not forget that the more you gamble, the more chances you have of losing, as the casino is always one step ahead of you. Such promotions are always nice to retain players, but they come with rules when receiving them and wagering them. Even the best casinos in Canada will offer you tempting promotions, but there is always an edge.

It depends on how much money you are willing to gamble. Both existing and new player promotions have much to offer. Some common advantages are risk-free wagering and a voucher for a gift shop or something similar. Casinos in Canada have numerous promotions, so don't hesitate to explore your option before settling for one.

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